Lions of the Grunewald and Shrimp Toast

“I say things but I may mean times. I say things and times but I may mean persons and places, or maybe just thinking of you. Your name at the end of the world. That’s how it goes, how it always went, how it always will go. One replaces another in what you call Herz and the light goes out.” – Lions of the Grunewald

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The Little Red Chairs and Hot Apple

“We don’t know others. They are an enigma. We can’t know them, especially those we are most intimate with, because habit blurs us and hope blinds us to the truth.” – The Little Red Chairs

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The Diary of a Country Priest and Toasted Banana Bread

“Alla mia età la morte appare così lontana che l’esperienza quotidiana della nostra propria mediocrità non ci persuade ancora.” – Diario di un Curato di Campagna

“At my age death seems so far away that the daily experience of our own mediocrity is not yet convincing to us.” – The Diary of a Country Priest

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Ceremony and Cinnamon Rolls

“The smell of snow had a cold damp edge, and a clarity that summer rain never had. The scent touched him deep behind his belly, and he could feel the old anticipation stirring as it had when he was a child waiting for the first snowflakes to fall” – Ceremony

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