Girl in a Band and Pasta with Salmon

“Is what we get out of performance today any different now than it was then? No, it’s the same thing: the need for transcendence, or maybe just a distraction – a day at the beach, a trip to the mountains – from humdrum life, boredom, pain, loneliness. Maybe that’s all performance ever was, really. An unending kiss – that’s all we ever wanted to feel when we paid money to hear someone play.” – Girl in a Band

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Lions of the Grunewald and Shrimp Toast

“I say things but I may mean times. I say things and times but I may mean persons and places, or maybe just thinking of you. Your name at the end of the world. That’s how it goes, how it always went, how it always will go. One replaces another in what you call Herz and the light goes out.” – Lions of the Grunewald

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City by City and Pizza

“The road trip, on the old two-lane highways a journey of serendipity, whimsy, and the chance to see something new, does not happen on the interstate, whose culture of hurtling speed punctuated by rest stops served by national chains provides a comforting conformity” – ‘The Highway and the City’

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