A Lost Lady and Chia Pudding

“He did not think of these books as something invented to beguile the idle hour, but as living creatures caught in the very behaviour of living.” – A Lost Lady

Willa Cather is something of an intriguing author. She lived all over the United States and became well-known for her novels about frontier life. Having nursed a long-lasting obsession with Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series about the American pioneers, my curiosity couldn’t help but be tickled. As well as this, one of the underlying purposes of this blog is to examine how spaces and places influence a person’s nature and the way there are constants wherever one goes.

A Lost Lady is written in a somewhat dated style which can become slightly frustrating after the general hilarity of it wears off. The novel follows the life of the beautiful Marian Forrester who lives with her husband in a dead end town in the Mid West. Marian is unsuited to a rough and lonely life and sometimes gets herself into trouble as a result. A large part of the novel is formed of the observations of Niel Herbert, a rather serious young man who is the local lawyer’s nephew. Though the story may seem superficial at first, moments of great insight occur. Cather understood the human condition and its propensity to waywardness when unsatisfied. It is through Marian Forrester that she expresses those inclinations.

Having come home for the Summer, I experienced the thrills of having a full larder at my disposal and proceeded to attempt some exotic breakfasts. I found a recipe for Chia Pudding on the brilliant whatshouldieatforbreakfasttoday.com. Chia seeds are a super food and when soaked in almond milk and honey, as this recipe demands, acquire a beautifully speckled mosaic pattern. Eaten with gooseberries, red currants and mango puree, the sheer excitement of a brightly coloured meal will stop you from falling asleep in your morning coffee.


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